2017 Picking Schedule1/2 peck bag purchase required
Dates Pick Your Own
Sun & Columbus Day 10-5pm
9/17 McIntosh
9/24 Red Delicious, McIntosh, & Empire
10/1 Empire & Cortland
10/8 & 10/9 Macoun, Red Delicious, Rome & Empire
10/15 Macoun, Empire & Cordland
10/22 TBA
10/28 Winesap, Empire, Macoun, & Cordland
11/4 & 11/5
Fuji, Rome, Pink Lady, Winesap, Empire, & Macoun

Dates are approximate. Activities are Weather Permitting. Please call ahead for weekly dates and event information.

Picking Poles are available to rent for a $2 Fee and $5 Deposit. Deposit refunded with return of picking pole in good condition.

PLEASE NOTE Every person entering the orchard is required to purchase a 1/2 peck bag for $10.00 (Children under 3 Free). Additional bags may be purchased before entering the orchard. Picked apples go into purchased bags ONLY.

Picnics, Climbing or Shaking/Beating of Trees is NOT PERMITTED. NO THROWING APPLES. NO PETS ALLOWED.

WARNING: We are in a natural setting. There may be rocks, bees, sticks, poison ivy, etc. Please be careful and dress appropriately.